Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oh the joy...finished product!

Oh the joy in picking up finished handmade product! I always look forward to seeing the finished result when I send fabric away to be created into something gorgeous.
Today it was a rather bulky order so I chose to pick it up myself.
Here's a sneak peek........
Drum pendant lightshades

Sweet bedside lamps with tiny feet......

and other cylindrical lampshades like these..........

that will soon appear on newly turned recycled timber lamp bases that have a natural beeswax finish..... I have no images of the bases to show you yet , sorry.
All of EcoInspired's lampshades will be available soon in the online store or you can email me here for custom orders.


  1. I know what you mean about getting finished products back! I am impatiently waiting to get back some lampshades too. So many ideas and so little time. x

  2. Wow! Lampshades look fab - well done :)

  3. These lamp shades are absolutely beautiful!

  4. Oh, I so love getting comments....thanks!

  5. These lamps would look great with my flooring! Tampa, FL is currently doing it's best to save mother nature! For my part, I'm looking for recyclable and eco-friendly lamps to replace my old ones! Also, my flooring was recently changed to bamboo from hardwood! TampaFL is home to a flooring and carpet service that suggested to us that bamboo is more eco-friendly to use as flooring since it grows faster (within 3years) than hardwood! Also, it doesn't require you to remove the whole plant to get the wood - once you cut off the shoots, a new one will sprout out of it since it's a grass! Amazing!