Monday, October 18, 2010

Finished lamp bases

As promised previously, here are some images of the new Ecoinspired lampshade bases that will be added to EcoInspired's online store tomorrow.

Alan's done a fantastic job sourcing a few amazing offcuts of timber like Australian Cherrywood and African Bubinga and turning them on his lathe.
They've been finished using environmentally friendly Australian Orange Oil.
This lampbase is made from a piece of old pine Alan had in his shed....'s come up a treat and works so well with the lighter colours of this lampshade.
I really like the effective look of the lampshade when the light is on too.
Our lampshades are made as limited edition and some, like this lampshade pictured are made using remnant pieces of handprinted fabric as a way of using fabric ends and reducing waste. They are quite often, one offs. If you are interested in buying this lamp or any other of EcoInspired's lampshades you can visit EcoInspired's website from tomorrow or if you want to get in early you can email me here.


  1. beautiful lamp! i wish i had some like that in my house!