Monday, June 7, 2010

The past week and the winner is...

Over the past week....
We have had so much rain. Our rainwater tanks were full more than a week ago and still the rain keeps coming. I yearn for a little sunshine though it's hard to complain about the amount of rain knowing that much of our country is still so dry. If only there was a way to syphon it out West where it's needed.

World Environment Day
After having Susan(eco crusader extraordinaire and neighbour), assess my energy use last week, I've made some positive changes to Ecoinspired's workspace. One such change is that lamps are now a permanent fixture in the studio and of course energy saver lightglobes are used. My downlights were a big no no. In my space just one of the light switches turns on a bank of five downlights.... I rarely need that much light and so I scored a big fat cross for that. 
But enough about me......

.....regarding EcoInspired's World Environment Day Giveaway....thank you to everyone who entered. The response has been overwhelming and the comments are so nice to read too. 
James picked the winner out of his school hat , and it is......

..........Jessica Van Den

Congratulations Jessica! Hope you enjoy having this cushion in your home. I will be in contact to arrange postage.

A big hello to the new followers of this blog....great to see new faces. I hope you'll stay tuned and participate in my next Giveaway soon.
In the meantime keep an eye out for items being posted to the 'Sale' page on my website where over the next few days I'll be sorting through items to clear.
Have a great week.


  1. congrats to jessica for winning this lovely cushion! I am green with envy! ;-)

  2. congratulations to the winner!

  3. Oh, so happy to have won!!! Thank you so much!