Monday, October 4, 2010

Inspirational Bloggers

Lately, I've been at a loss to know what to post about????......well I could tell you about how I'm busy with three active boys on school holidays.....that could be a very long post,

or I could talk about how a dear friend has just given birth to her third gorgeous girl 

and how I enjoyed making for the girls three little soft toys......not a cricket bat or rugby ball in sight at their home!

Maybe you'd like to see some 'before' photos of the house in the Southern Highlands 
that is shortly to be listed as holiday rental on it's just ideal for week-end escapes from the city!....
and see those light fittings which I personally think are quite nice, anyway they are soon to be replaced with some of EcoInspired's new drum pendant lampshades, which of course I think are gorgeous and will add a fresh look to the room ......can't wait to be able to take the 'after' photos..and share them..but, all in good time.

Instead I thought I'd share with you the links to just a few of the inspirational blogs I've enjoyed reading and some I have recently stumbled upon......

BeachVintage is a fabulous, uplifting blog to read. I've been a bit slow to come around to loving vintage chic style, but reading the Beach Vintage blog has really converted me and I find myself now looking at my stash of dated clothes and table linen with new eyes...wondering whether within the pile is a 'vintage chic' kaftan or skirt just waiting to be created. is a collaboration between two interior design a Canadian and the other Australian and includes lovely crisp images and an extensive resource list. is a well known Australian blog covering many things that are new and inspiring in Melbourne and Sydney design circles.

...and I'm always interested in checking out Epheriell Designs blog.... Jess creates sleek, modern handmade silver jewellery and blogs about handmade, crafting and business. I'm always amazed at the new things added to her blog....she regularly refreshes the look and posts frequently. 

Thea Samios is a Brisbane based textile designer who creates gorgeous graphics for homewares and writes an interesting blog including interviews with a different Friday Follower each week....

and Inthemoment is a favourite blog where I get to glimpse recent images of my gorgeous nephews thanks to Kelli's talent with the lens. And if you've ever wanted to have a go at 'felting' wool, check out her easy to follow tutorial.

So I'll leave you with one last photo.........look at the bountiful supply of ripe red cherry tomatoes just waiting for us to pick when we returned today after having a few days away.
The usual small cupful was this time, overflowing.......and of course it went straight into our salad tonight:)

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  1. It looks to me like you have plenty to blog about but thank you kindly for adding my blog to your list of inpirations. x