Friday, April 16, 2010

Inspiration is everywhere....

Ok, I'm going to be a complete show off now and share with you the source of my latest inspiration...
so where are we..... 

well, other than the intense colour and quiet of the desert we've also experienced ....the energy of this city 

and shopped in the traditional souks.....our favourite being .....the Blue Souk.
if you are a fan of gold jewellery, you would be in complete heaven! ...I searched every stall for rose gold which I love.....why???? I don't know but it's something to do with how it suits my skin colour and yellow gold just looks trashy on me....but I had no luck here unfortunately. My husband was smiling all the way back to our hotel!

So anyway of course we are in Dubai! What a city! We have loved every minute. It has an energy that is hard not to get caught up in.

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