Thursday, March 4, 2010

It can't be March already? "It just can't be....its too gruesome!"

The world has sped up again....if anyone knows how to just hop off for a few days to catch a breath, I'd love to hear how.

The Eco Inspired studio has been chaotic, completely organised, covered with fabric dust and scraps or sparkly clean depending on which day of the week I reflect on. 

We've had some good news....Eco Inspired will feature in not one but two editions of Home and Decor of, if not the leading interiors magazine in Singapore and exciting for me!

Paula, a fellow school Mum and friend has jumped on board to help push along Eco Inspired and has hit the ground running! Need I tell you how happy and grateful I am to have her help?

And, my website hits are up for the month with a few wholesale enquiries as a result. Hooray! There is enough good news to warrant a celebration!... A 'few small milestones reached' celebration.

Here's to reaching milestones ...and wishing all of you, loads of reasons to celebrate in the month of March.

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