Thursday, March 11, 2010

Creating Swatch Books

We've been focusing on EcoInspired's swatch books lately in the workshop so I thought I'd share a few snaps. 

These placement prints are next on the list and will soon find themselves collected together in a small book.

The design is called 'Parched Birch'. The drawing was inspired by the cluster of fairly ordinary swamp trees in the park behind our house. Although fairly standard, common looking trees during the day, when the sun is setting of an evening these trees are at their finest and their silhouette seen through our  window is truly mesmerising.

So far I've printed this design in White and Rich Chocolate on Hemp/Organic Cotton but my favourite is the white on Hemp/Yak hair(bottom left of the photo)'s such a beautiful, lightweight, drapey fabric. I plan to include it in cushion and runner designs more often.

So anyway after a few attempts and numerous hours of experimenting, an EcoInspired swatch book style has begun to emerge.............

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