Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fun Photo Shoot

I had a nice change and a few hours of fun on Tuesday, photographing two of EcoInspired's soft furnishing ranges. 

It was such a blessing to have the help of a friend...that's Paula in one of the shots tweaking the look.  

The idea with these table runners is they are when you're a little tired of seeing them along the dining table, they quite seamlessly shift to the bedroom and Wow! across the bed or draped over an ottoman or chair can really look stunning.

The gorgeous quality fabric is a combination of 9oz and 13oz hemp/organic cotton canvas. As new it has a beautiful tactile, medium weight feel that over time softens and becomes more pliable and feels more light weight with use. 

Did I mention that each of EcoInspired's cushions and runners are a unique patchwork of simple hand drawn designs screenprinted by hand and then pieced together in the EcoInspired studio? Well, that's the fun part...being creative and having fun playing with beautiful fabrics. I love it!

Next week though, I really must sort through my in tray, process the invoices.....grrrr the accounting....not fun!! 


  1. it all looks so pretty + beautiful. really gorgeous!

  2. Thanks for the comment mady. Glad you like!