Saturday, April 13, 2013

Nature inspires


Lately we've been selecting print colours for new fabric designs. I love this part of the process.
My inspiration comes mostly from the natural
environment and mother nature's exquisite handiwork.

This close range image of an adorable Indian Roller bird captures the copper brown hue of his neck feathers. Nature has a way with colour pairing there's no doubt about it; copper blended with the blue of his wing and tail feathers; truly inspirational.

Colourful kingfishers at play
Robins eggs. Image courtesy of Pinterest

image courtesy of

This season, with Emerald as Pantone's 2013 colour, vivid greens and coordinating aqua's and peacock blues are popping up everywhere in home accessories and interior schemes


These cool colours radiate peace and tranquility; they are calming and resonate with me like no other colour combination.

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