Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Inspired by Shibori

Inspired by Shibori
The ancient art of shibori came about as a way to extend the life of old garments. Lately its become a popular fabric for decorating walls, lampshades and lounges for residential and commercial interiors as well as being used in some of the most inspiring designer collections this season; you would have seen the gorgeous indigo textiles that the girls at are producing?

Shibori in Dec 2012 interiors magazine

I was feeling inspired to have a go myself today so I allowed my earth mother instincts to run riot by experimenting in the eCoInspired studio with rhubarb, red onion skins, ginger root and plums. The smells wafting through the room were simply yummy!

rhubarb stalks create a rusty red dye; rhubarb leaves are a natural mordant.

Rhubarb leaves have contributed to the pale yellow colouring
while the rhubarb stalks created a rusty pink colour.

The rich copper coloured marks are subtle effects from using red onion skin

More practice is needed certainly, but I love the possibilities and especially like the results on hemp/silk cloth which has such a lustrous sheen.

The results of using the Shibori technique of dipping rolled fabric into the dye pot.

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