Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A pretty heart and two red cherries!

I received this gorgeous handmade heart in the post a few days ago.
It is an unexpected thank you gift from Exquisite Accessories, for bidding on her beach bag 
in the QLD Flood Appeal. What a sweet gesture! It now happily hangs above my computer.

Thanks Elaine!
Also,  these photos, I had to take of my youngest yesterday, dripping with sweat but proudly showing me two red cherries on his cricket out England in the 2027 Ashes Series!


  1. You deserved it Karen for putting your money to a great course!! So glad you love it!! Hey if your son keeps on with his cricket he could one day be playing in the series now wouldnt that be great!! :)

  2. That really would be great Elaine......he loves cricket:)