Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Back to it....and sale coming soon

I've just returned to Australia from an incredible trip overseas with my family. We saw such a cross section of natural and man made landscapes, experienced vastly different cultures and enjoyed a break from the sometimes frenetic pace of life back here in Sydney.
Now I'm so excited to be home and back to the creative drawing board with a renewed energy for EcoInspired.
The week has begun with an exciting opportunity to supply environmentally friendly soft furnishings to a new project sponsored by Energy Australia.
These photos show a selection of EcoInspired's Splash design cushions printed in custom colours for the project.

The Splash design is printed in Red Coral and the Reeds design in Sunny Orange, on both hemp/yak hair and natural hemp. All of these cushions are backed with Charcoal 13oz  hemp/organic cotton canvas.

I love the colours they've chosen. Hot! hot! hot!

On another note, EcoInspired is putting together our 'Embrace the Change of Season' Sale
so stay tuned for more details of savings to be had. 

By the way, for any art and design enthusiasts travelling soon, has a wealth of information on their website for fabric, art and design stores located in major cities around the world.  I only managed three from the Rome list but all were as described and well worth the visit.

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  1. I just saw your work on Etsy, and i must say it's amazing!