Thursday, January 28, 2010

And the sky is filled with light...

Twilight is the new range of cushions and runners I've been working on lately.

Named by my sister the instant she saw the cushions......stroke of genius!....or was it she'd been listening to Nine Inch Nails or reading about vampires and werewolves?

Anyway the name has stuck partly because I love that beautiful time of day where the light and colours are constantly changing....and partly because now whenever I look at the charcoal colours and the dancing shapes I think of my sister and thats a good thing.

The cushions are made using 13oz hemp/organic cotton canvas in charcoal and off white mixed with 9oz natural hemp/organic cotton canvas screenprinted with a colour I've mixed that I'm calling...ugh.. charcoal??... so original!

The cushions are now available from my etsy store 

Discounts will most definitely apply to followers of this blog so if you're interested in making a purchase, please mention it with the etsy order.


  1. Hi Karen. In response to your supercover ink comment, I would never bother buying the black. I don't understand why people would bother. Standard black works on any colour fabric and of course, is a nicer ink.

  2. Hi Karen!
    Great blog, lovely products!
    Stella :)