Sunday, January 20, 2013

Yay its the New Year!

I'm so ready for this New Year.

2012 was a good year for EcoInspired; our interior styling collaboration with SeegerByDesign for the Ikon Brisbane premises was a clear highlight and our association with JasonL Office Furniture was also very rewarding. A big thank you to all who purchased EcoInspired's fabric and soft furnishings. Any images you'd like to share please do...we'd love to see your finished curtains, blinds or how the cushions looked on your lounge.
On a personal level, 2012 included a couple of highly emotional challenges within my greater family circle. All has panned out ok thankfully so the year ahead looks promising and with a few opportunities on the horizon on the business front I'm excited to be in a positive space for 2013 and looking forward to all that it may offer.

Over the December/January break I enjoyed a fantastic trip away with my family...the places we've been fortunate to see and the memories we have shared with our boys blows my mind and I feel really thankful for having such gorgeous males in my life and having the opportunity to travel and share the experience with them.
Here are a few of my favourite holiday snaps:-

Hope you've enjoyed your holiday break as much as I have. Best wishes to all for a peaceful and prosperous 2013!

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  1. Nice to see your family snapshots and hear of your success with the business in 2012... here's to more of that for 2013!