Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Smart Home family have moved in....

Remember I made a batch of cushions for Australia's first Smart Home?
A quick was my first week back after some time off and I was tired and jetlagged...Well what better way to have spent those unslept hours than franticly printing, cutting and sewing a soft furnishings order!

So what is 'Australia's First Smart Home'?
Energy Australia and Sydney Water have sponsored this interesting and unique project:-  a family lives for a year in a new home, built using many energy saving devices that are at the forefront of environmental home design. 'The house is a mini power station, designed to produce all its own electricity on site using two types of solar panels, a ceramic fuel cell and new battery storage technology'  It's a year-long experiment to glimpse the future of energy and water use.
The family chosen, Clare Joyce, Michael Adams and their daughter Ava, have moved in and are keeping a blog.
To read and view more press about this experiment check out any or all of the following and keep an eye open you might just see one of EcoInspired's table runners or cushions:-
Channel 7 Sunrise
Daily Telegraph
NSW Government

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  1. This is great news Karen. Nice to see your work getting out there.