Wednesday, June 19, 2013


The success of the recent INTERWOVEN exhibition had so much to do with the talented artists and designers showcasing their latest work.

Sculptural installation 'Garden of Erotic Mythology' by artist Karolina Venter was eye-catching. 


'In her latest work, Karolina Venter pushes the boundaries of our common expectations.
The installation challenges our primal urges with highly charged explicit sexuality in these animalistic and mechanistic forms.

It includes three life size mythological figures, Pan, Lilith and Apollo interacting with each other and their surroundings.
The figures are made of recycled materials; plastics, steel, elec-trical cables, rope and objects found in nature.' 

The hours involved in creating her sculptures is evident in the detail of the mythical creatures hands and feet.


PAN, pictured below with the upper body of a human, horns and lower body of a goat is a guardian of the wild who flirted with and chased nymphs.


Apollo, the mythical god of light who fought and defeated a python is depicted here with wings; the delicate structure of wings was created using a recycled lace table cloth.

Lilith, below, was a night demoness and said to be Adam's first wife.

You can see more from Karolina Venter here:

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  1. The work that went into these sculptures and that they're all made from recycled materials is amazing!