Monday, August 2, 2010

Ethical Design Marketplace

I've recently begun selling Ecoinspired's  homewares on Blue Caravan. Have you seen this fantastic online marketplace yet? It's loaded with environmentally friendly, ethical design products and many of them are made locally. You might like to take a

On another note, I've been busy lately working on a new design, mixing a few different colours and making up table napkin samples. 
I'm really happy with the Grevillia design on this soft grey's earthy and natural.

I also began working on a gingko leaf design recently.....have been wanting to for ages, (ever since seeing Marimekkos Gingko print in burnt orange on mustard...which I love)
so I made a few sketches..........and just stared at them for a couple of days

...then finally decided on a layout ..and had the screen made...

now for the fun part ...choosing colours and printing!


  1. love the new designs, especially the ginko - think that will look great!

  2. Thanks Kelli! I'll post some photos of the Gingko design printed on hemp soon. Haven't been happy with the colours so love some suggestions.

  3. Hi Karen, have just found your blog link from your Etsy store. Like what you are doing...I have been doing some test prints with Ginkgo also, and a few other designs. I now follow you and am a Sydney-sider too....Terese

  4. Hi Terese and Kelli,
    Thank you for your comments. So great to have you following my blog!