Monday, February 8, 2010

Managing Mondays

I like Mondays....I didn't always of course....I recall saying in the not too distant past.."we should sleep through Mondays and move straight on to Tuesday"...but that was before I began EcoInspired and working with textiles. 

Now I jump out of bed on Monday mornings...well in my mind I body takes a bit of waking up, and I get started on whatever I have planned for the day.

So after getting the boys to school....

Monday in the studio will usually involve assessing what fabrics and stock I have and re-organising/cleaning my studio......and then I'm ready to start.

Today I have half a dozen samples I need to finish off before taking them to a store tomorrow. This runner needs to be backed and labelled amongst other things.

This Ripples print in Berry on stone coloured hemp canvas was printed last week and I've been keeping it out in the studio until I decide what it will look best as. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to read your comments.
On another note Valentine's Day is next Sunday.
If you still need to pick up a card for your special someone you could check out some of the fantastic cards on etsy....there's just enough time this week for delivery.

GeorgicaDesigns on etsy has a range of lovely fabric cards for sale. My favourite would be this gorgeous garden inspired note card.

Happy Monday!

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  1. I just checked their publishers website and they don't seem to be offering it themselves. I'm happy to send you an invoice via paypal for a copy. I only got a couple of copies to test the market. Already sold a few so i don't think I will go to the hassle of adding it to our website. Let me know what you decide.