Thursday, December 31, 2009

Day 1 & 2 Lovely Nundle

Nundle is a gorgeous country village with a population of just over 500, located roughly 45 minutes south east of Tamworth in Northern NSW.

It has been a perfect stopover for us on our way to Ballina.

We browsed the quaint village stores including the Exchange Store where fossickers would trade their gem finds for supplies.

Harrison loved fossicking, as did all of the boys, even in the drizzle. We're taking a few extra rocks and stones with us on our trip because they're convinced they've found gemstones.

Nundle has a working woollen mill open to the public.
I never could finish any knitting project so knitting is not really my thing. But I have tried my hand at weaving and so I found the visit to this mill fascinating and enjoyed browsing through the large range of wool and finished items for sale.

The pub and sports and rec club provided great food at cheap prices and our accommodation at the Fossickers Tourist Park in a Ensuite Cabin surpassed our expectations. The whole village looked neat and the people very friendly. I love the country.

Nundle is well worth the sidetrip off the New England Highway.

So we move on to Tamworth, Armidale and Glen Innes.

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